Current Officers
Jeanie Hecker, President
Pam Walz, Vice-President
Jill Kruse, Treasurer
Lori Anderson, Secretary

Lori Anderson – Lifetime
Becky Baker – Lifetime
Pat Bosak – Lifetime
Sue & Brad Bowen – Lifetime
Kent Chrisp – Lifetime
Chris & Rob Corum – Lifetime
Connie Doehring – Lifetime
Mary Ann Eickmeier – Lifetime
Virginia Fraser – Lifetime
Vikki Gremel – Lifetime
Jeanie & Mike Hecker – Lifetime
Emily Hemphill & Layne Dahlquist – Lifetime
Sue Imig – Lifetime
Janet & Greg Jerger – Lifetime
Glennda & Mark Joyce – Lifetime
Judi Kinworthy – Lifetime
Allegra Koehler – Lifetime
Mark Kolterman – Lifetime
Marj & Jim Komenda – Lifetime
Jill Kruse – Lifetime
Nancy & Ron Lamberty – Lifetime
Nan Page McCoy – Lifetime
Angela McMullin-Gunn – Lifetime
Julie Moody – Lifetime
Maxine Moore – Lifetime
Lori & Tim Moravec – Lifetime
Dawn Navis – Lifetime
Joanne & Dave Neeley – Lifetime
Pat Ohlmann – Lifetime
Esther & Jerrald Pfabe – Lifetime
Peggy Reese – Lifetime
Becky Reisdorff – Lifetime
Becky Reisinger – Lifetime
Jeanette Richardson – Lifetime
Sandi & Dale Rocker – Lifetime
Kathleen Rutledge & Ted Kooser – Lifetime
Pat Sanley – Lifetime
Susan Sellheim – Lifetime
Sandra Schmidt – Lifetime
Jacquelyn Schranz – Lifetime
Carla Schwahn – Lifetime
Sarah Shively – Lifetime
Anita Smith – Lifetime
Linda & Stephen Smith – Lifetime
Mark Suhr- Lifetime
Norma & John Suhr- Lifetime
Torie Taibemal – Lifetime
Pam & Greg Walz – Lifetime
Connie Whittemore – Lifetime
Linda Zimbelmann – Lifetime

Charlotte Baldinger – 2024
Mary Meyer – 2024
Jack Swanson – 2024


Lucian Gunn (Jr Friends) – 2021
Sarah Gunn (Jr Friends) – 2021

Friends members serve ice cream at the summer reading club concertMembers of the Friends of Seward Library attend two general meetings a year. Membership incentives include extra discounts on book prices ordered through the Friends and invitations to exclusive gatherings.

To join the Friends of Seward Library, simply contact any of the officers listed, stop in at the Seward Memorial Library and fill out an application, or use the online form below.

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